Youngest Brother's Mammatus

Pouchy mammatus clouds. 

   Only  four seconds passed after I posted my last blog before my youngest brothers e-mailed me another of his cloud photos (above). The subject line in the e-mail was "Update the Brother Blog!!!!"
   Because we are a competitive bunch of siblings, I am expecting cloud photos in my inbox from Brother 1 and Brother 2 shortly.
   However, the photo above will be hard to beat. It is an East Coast sky roiling with mammatus clouds discussed in a recent blog by The Accidental Naturalist. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the mammatus pouches appear to be on the underside of some cumulonimbus clouds just before or after a whopper of a thunderstorm. Mammatus do not linger, so they are difficult to capture with a camera--especially with this fabulous light and just the vivid green trees in the foreground.
Detail of small mammatus pouches in photograph.