Clouds My Brothers Sent Me

Modern architecture enhanced by clouds
   There are only so many clouds a girl can see in a day. Thankfully, I have three brothers who are either genetically predisposed to admire clouds or have caught the cloudspotting bug from their favorite sister.
   Either way, I am grateful to them for sending me photographs and stories about the clouds they hang out with at home and on their travels. Here are a few from the Gallery of the Nebulous Fraternity.

Clouds over Inverness, Scotland on June 25th at 8:45 p.m.

A satellite photo of cirrus? No--detail of slab of granite.
Clouds over Somewhere

Stratocumulus Clouds over different Somewhere

Cloud over Washington DC on supposed Day of Rapture in May.

Clouds over Washington National's Stadium on 9/11/2011

And then this about a stratus cloud known as fog...

   I have been rowing a lot. I was out in the single this morning and it was foggy, and still dark, but flat, so I went way out into the Sound. Probably a bad idea because I had no bearings and the fog made it feel like I was rowing inside a chamber. I was beyond the islands, sculling comfortably and alone.
    All of a sudden, the puddles started swirling with green luminescence and there was a neon contrail billowing off the stern. No light, no depth, just darkness and this freaky green stuff bubbling everywhere. Then it was over.
    Is it ok to find the best moments of your life alone in darkness, while playing in primordial ooze?