What Happened to Spring?

   I had so enjoyed the past two sunny days and had been delighted to find these harbingers of spring (above) in my south-facing garden bed. But to be honest, the blue skies were a bit monotonous for a cloudspotter like me. If you are not a cloudspotter like me, today (Tuesday) was your day to become one in Western Washington. The skies seem to be a hosting a battle between the forces of Spring and Winter. 
    We had rain early this morning, then blue skies, then snow flurries and hail, more sun, and then a very "unstable" assortment of clouds in all directions as far as the eye could see. I don't normally go out on cloud-watching drives, but today I did a circuit around the Black Hills to our west to see if I could learn anything about our local weather and possible cloud-spawning sights. What a fool to think that I could learn anything at 60 m.p.h. 
     I did manage to capture the turbulent skies of the season...before the Big Storm meteorologists are predicting tonight and tomorrow. Check out what University of Washington's Cliff Mass has to say at the link at right. But check out my pictures first. I think they say it all. Change! Drama! Look Out! Look Up!