The Stuff of Dreams

Clouds captured in a cellphone somewhere between Washington, D.C. and Florida. Despite the grainy quality of the image, these clouds sure look dreamy and luscious. A good place for Heaven or daydreaming.
       My youngest brother sent me this photograph of what I believe are cumulus congestus clouds (below) and altocumulus or altostratus clouds above them. He was on his way from a vacation in Florida. I was envious of his travel to a warm, sunny spot this time of year, but then I remembered the hassles of getting to such a spot: the long drive to the airport, the security lines, the de-shodding, the plastic bags of little bottles, the just-barely suppressed anxiety about terrorism or other disasters in the air, the expense, the huge carbon footprint. I am glad to be staying home.
  Oh, but I do miss those clouds at 30,000 feet.