The Pacific Northwest is....

...any place a salmon can get to," says Seattle writer Timothy Egan.
   This weekend a very large salmon migrated from the mural on the side of Olympia's Capitol Theater to our kitchen wall. The salmon had no dams to navigate, but was channeled through our digital camera, laptop, and projector before it reached its new home.
  Because I can't draw or paint worth beans, I traced the projected salmon on the wall (above), found some leftover wall paint and some tubes of acrylics from another project, and my husband and I started painting (below).
   When we realized this was going to be fun, we also found the wine. Notice the touches of merlot near the caudal fin!
Here it is in all it's salmoniid glory!  We will be adding details--and a few school mates--to the wall this winter. Now back to clouds!