Birding at Cabelas

   A quick photo essay from my first excursion to the Cabelas store on Saturday. I was there only to provide moral support to my husband who was on an assignment to purchase a cookstove for our local rowing club. Once we realized I was not the right person to be giving him advice, I plucked my camera out of my pocket and started wandering this warehouse of stuff designed to to help us enjoy and outsmart our environment.

This counts as art at Cabelas.
   Hunting birds with anything but a camera is not one of my pasttimes, though I once volunteered to carry two recently shot pheasant through a field of corn stubble in Iowa one bleak day November. The only warmth I felt that day was in my hands--the ones around the birds' necks. (The pheasant meat, by the way, was eaten by another than myself who, having not stored the meat properly, feasted on the flesh then became violently ill during a business conference the day. But I digress...

   With the number of Canada Geese I've seen around Olympia and elsewhere, it is hard to imagine they would be challenging to hunt. In fact, I am pretty sure I could walk up to one of the Canada Geese resting on the trails at  the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, put a collar around its neck, and take it for a stroll. As it is now, I just hug the far side of the trail and pass by hoping not to get honked at. Hunters and the folks at Cabelas want to make it even easier with an alluring assortment of decoys. Being a word person, I was amazed to discover that you can't sell decoys in boxes simply labeled "decoys." To successfully lure the hunter-shopper into making a purchase, you have to bait them with jargon.  

Who is Big Foot--the goose or the guy? B2---huh?
And what's with the word order-- Generation Next?
Make sure you get the Pro Series...and the ones with the Life-Like Appearance. These decoys are not for amateur hunters who either don't use decoys or use ones that look like Donald Duck. Totally unrealistic.

I guess these are the Big Foots.

If you are no planning to hunt or trade your pink flamingo yard ornaments for a pair of Canada Geese, you buy these refrigerator magnets at the check-out stand. They could serve as reminders that you have game meat that is "probably still okay" in your fridge.