Rainy Days and Mondays

  I bundled up in boots and raingear yesterday and spent the afternoon outside in the rain and wind hiking in the woods, watching the chum salmon migrate up a small creek west of town, and gazing at the gorgeous waterfall that marks the end of the salmon's journey. I arrived home chilled and wet, but ecstatic. The fish, the trees, the ferns, the fallen golden maple leaves, and new friends put the gray skies and rain in the background.
   Today, it is pouring and windy. I am inside in dry clothes, but I am not ecstatic. It is quite gloomy, in fact. My compact fluourescent light bulbs and high-gloss wall paint cannot match an enormous sword fern glistening in the rain. No amount of tea or coffee can match the lift I got from watching the thrashing two-foot-long salmon work their way up a pristine stream. I can't find a CD with music as marvelous as the waterfall's. So, I put on my rain gear and my rain boots, and headed out to walk. I didn't make it into the forest, just around the neighborhood where I stomped in the puddles that formed around the storm drains that were clogged with Big-Leaf Maple leaves. And then I kicked the leaves off the drain and watched the puddles shrink as they flowed away. I returned home refreshed.
   It looks like this week is going to be more and much more of the same. Here's a link to the National Weather Service satelitte map of our state today Nimbostratus Blanket. It looks rather cozy.