Changing Seasons

A few photos from two of Olympia's best cloud viewing spots--the Olympia Airport (top) and former Cascadia Pole site on Budd Inlet (middle and bottom).
The sky yesterday afternoon was quite dynamic, with a progression of distinct cloud types that indicated rain was moving in. Around noon there was bright sunshine and a variety of "fair weather" cumulus clouds (cumulus fractus, cumulus humulus, cumulus mediocris, and a few cumulus congestus). The winds were light, a bit gusty, and shifting from the northwest to southwest it seemed. By four o'clock, the sky included a variety of clouds: cirrocumulus, cirrostratus, altocumulus, stratocumulus, and a few contrails.
At least this is what I think they were. I'm still a rank amateur at identifying cloud types. I've used four cloud field guides to try to name the clouds here. I do know this: they were beautiful clouds and I was grateful to be outside enjoying them.