Author photo by Michael Ruth 2017

Author photo by Michael Ruth 2017

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Welcome! I'm the author of more than a dozen books on natural history topics for the young readers, general audiences, and accidental naturalists like myself. 

My latest book, A Sideways Look at Clouds, was published September 2017 by Mountaineers Books. This work of narrative nonfiction blends science, wonder, humor to take lay readers on the scenic route through the clouds.  Order your copy through Mountaineers Books here. Or find your way to your local indie bookstore for your copy. Signed copies can be ordered/purchased in person or online at the fabulous indie Browsers Books in Olympia. 

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I’d be delighted to visit your bookstore, library, organization, book club, nature walk, or other event to talk about clouds. My talks range from five to fifty minutes and can include any or all of these options: book reading, slide presentation, discussion, Q&A, book sales and signing. I'm happy to tailor my talk to the age and interests of your group. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities. 

My other published books include Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet (Rodale Press 2006,  Mountaineers Books reissue, 2013 ) for the general (adult) reader. Titles for young adults and children include The Ultimate Ocean Book, The Butterfly, The Beetle (3-D portfolios); Hawks and Owls, Snakes, The Pacific Coast, The Tundra, The Southwest Deserts, The Mississippi River.

My range of subjects reflects my “attention surplus disorder” and interest in restoring our awe in the natural world.  I am a member of the Black Hills Audubon Society,an active advocate for marbled murrelet conservation, a volunteer pigeon guillemot surveyor, a supporter of Olympia city parks,  and a United Way reading buddy, along with other involvements.

I’ve taken the plunge on my next big book project: natural history of lakes and wild swimming in Washington.

Tough research assignment: A swim in Jade Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington.

Tough research assignment: A swim in Jade Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington.

And, because of the attention-surplus disorder thing, am writing about a fabulous citizen-science project studying pigeon guillemots (the wild cousin of the marbled murrelet) in the South Salish Sea.

 I live under clouds 228 days a year in Olympia, Washington with my husband--mapmaker, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professor, and enthusiast Mike Ruth.