Happy Earth Day

This image and prayer from the fabulous Grist.org--a "beacon in the smog."

Prayer to St. Cloud

"O Benedict of the ozone, protector of the stratosphere, I weep for the gaping hole in your gaseous layer of love caused in part by me. I call upon thee, sweet saint of the clouds, and plead forgiveness for my selfish western ways. I vow this day to reduce my obscene Andre the Giant-sized carbon footprint and no longer make you weep acid rain. With a contrite heart I will gladly endure the inconvenience of chatty carpoolers, hair spray, and hippie cleaning supplies. Grant me the strength to swear off my inconsiderate ways and always carry the common good of my fellow mortals and Mother Earth in my heart. Amen."

Please go to grist.org for more very useful, insightful, often hilarious advice on living on the planet. Then go outside.