Raining Cats and Dog Food

Take the car! My favorite! 
  I hope some of you made some money betting on Day Two of car eschewment by the Accidental Naturalist. I had good intentions, honest I did.
   Last night I took the bus to and from a class in downtown Olympia--turning a 10 minute drive into an hour of walking and busing each way. This decision was empowering and invigorating and I was quite proud of myself. But pride cometh before a fall. Rainfall. Oh darn.
   This morning I was getting ready to take the bus in the chilly pouring rain meet some friends downtown for breakfast. Easy bus ride. A straight shot. No problem. But there, on the kitchen counter, was a little tiny note written by my husband (who bikes to and from work every day): "We need dog food." Ack.
   ! ! ! WARNING: EXCUSES UP AHEAD ! ! ! ! 
  Our dog is diabetic and we've been testing out different kinds of special grain-free dog food available only from a store that requires me to take a second bus from downtown. It's not far, but getting to the store would add another hour+ to my day. Should I make time to run this errand? Hmmm...Should I spend half of my breakfast looking at my watch to make sure I don't miss the bus? Hmmm....Aren't I supposed to be writing a book instead of fetching dog food all the live-long day? Yes! Don't waste time! Take the car! It's right there in the driveway! The keys are on the rack where you left them! C'mon drive---it's the American Way! 
   So I did. I even used the seat warmer. But...I did bring the dog along with me. We did walk in the rain in the park afterward (park not walkable from my home) with my friend and her dog. I did get dog food. But guess what? Instead of buying a 5-pound bag as I usually do, I committed to 25-pound bag, thus creating an air-tight alibi: There is no way I could have carried that heavy bag on the bus. I had to take the car. Plus, now I cut 4 car trips to the dog-food store out of my life. Yay! 
   Such a Herculean struggle to do so little. It shouldn't be this way. Moreover, Puget Sound shouldn't have to suffer because of 4.1 million people like me are unable to break a bunch of teeny tiny habits that serve convenience over everything else.
  Tomorrow--back on the bus, rain or shine.