Backyard Skies

Under your roof, it's always overcast.
  No matter how many CFL or standard light bulbs you switch on, it's going to be gloomy in your home. Your roof can turn even a gorgeous day like yesterday into a dim, gray affair--one that drives you to the Internet looking for vacation deals in Hawaii, San Diego, Tuscon, anywhere but the Pacific Northwest. The remedy? Get outside. 
Eschew the shingles! Look at these gorgeous virga! These are ice crystals, 10,000 feet up, floating in the sky. 
Did anyone notice how peachy the sky was Friday morning? Or were you just whining about the clouds?
What a lovely ceiling of clouds over Budd Inlet! I am not certain, but I believe these are altostratus clouds lowering rapidly to become nimbostratus clouds--the rain clouds. Think how much Pacific Ocean is in these clouds.
 This photo was not taken at an arboretum, but at the local dog park just minutes before the rain started on Friday. These are nimbostratus clouds. Isn't the gray a perfect backdrop for the foliage? You know it is. 
  Even if it's pouring all weekend, make sure you layer on your gear and take a walk.The rain that sounds like torrents on the roof of your house sounds wonderful in the woods dripping on the big-leaf maples. The rain that pounds on your metal car roof appears as rooster-tails on the highway, and makes driving hazardous, falls gently on the grass, on the path, on the field. Find yourself a nice pervious surface and listen to the rain soak in.