Don't Fence Me In....

   What a stunning morning in the hinterlands! It wasn't foggy at my house, but just a few miles north toward Woodard Bay, the fields were softened by wisps of this stratus cloud (probably closer to mist than fog at this point in the morning.
   I joined a friend for a walk along the Chehalis Western Trail and savored every minute of the hour, the sun, the generosity. At the edge of the trail, we stopped to admire the reflections of the cumulus clouds in a flooded field. Here there are (below) complete with fence to keep swimming cows from escaping. Not a

terribly interesting photo, you'll agree. But, if you turn the photo upside down, you create a somewhat more interesting landscape with a surreal--or merely strange--floating fence (below).
 Everything but the shrub in the upper left is reflection. It's a long way from Dali or Rousseau, but I like it.