Flowers for Ariana

"You're behind in your blog," my husband announced across the dinner table. I was speechless. A week ago I had accused him of spending more time with Ariana Huffington than with me. He reads her Post, but not my posts. I understand. My blog really doesn't feature News and we prefer to communicate face-to-face. Sometimes, though, I'm better at expressing my thoughts in writing. But it's true, dear, I am lagging in my every-other-daily blogging. It's just not blogging season for the Accidental Naturalist. These past few weeks, Spring has been doing all the shouting and bellowing and popping and singing and actual tweeting. I am so taken with my new crop of irises that I can't keep away from them.
When I can catch my breath, I will write about My Two Days in the Clouds on Mount Rainier and My Four Hours on a Bike. Promise.